Emergency Tool Repair

Our emergency tool repair process gives us the ability to repair the tools and components your business depends on.

The tools and machines you use are vital to the on-going operation of your business, and when something goes wrong you need to know that it can be put right as quickly as possible. Meeting production schedules, keeping costs down, fulfilling orders and delivering for your customers are all put at risk when a vital tool is out of commission. That’s why you need to know you have trusted partners you can turn to for tool repairs that are quick and effective. Tooling 2000 offer exactly that.

Our Emergency Tool Repair Process

Our facilities give us the ability to provide an Emergency Tool Repair process, enabling us to repair any type of tool. If you have the plans for the original tool we can work from them, but if the tool is older and still needs to be replaced exactly we can reverse engineer a solution, using our Computer-Aided Design (CAD) facilities to scan the tool and create a detailed 3D plan.  This plan will then be fed through Computer Animated Manufacturing (CAM) software to create the programming used to control the machine head of our CNC machine.

Alternatively, the repair you need might involve presswork, blanking, forming or progression tooling, and we also offer state of the art 5 axis laser cutting to create complex 3D shapes which are both highly detailed and extremely precise.

We can combine all of this with years of experience of delivering repairs across sectors such as automotive, rail and construction. If the failure of a vital tool or component is costing your business time and money then get in touch with Tooling 2000. Whatever it takes to repair the part in question we’ll make it happen, and we’ll deliver quickly without cutting any corners or lowering our standards.

The end-to-end solution

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