Are you looking for an end-to-end solution for your Prototype manufacture?

From initial concept through to the finished part, we are well positioned to be your trusted partner.

Do you require multiple stages of manufacture?

We work with customers like you, that require Prototypes to test out Feasibilities – and work in partnership to formulate the best solution specifically for you.

Prototype manufacturing capabilities available to you:

  • Where you require low volume production, we can do it.
  • Equally, if you specify that large volume production is required, we will make the Tools for larger production but also assist with lower volume production via the Prototype route.
  • If in the process you require secondary operations, we can machine and manufacture the Tooling for the secondary operations and then Press and inspect components again.
  • We have in house capacity for Assembly work, meaning that if you require additional bonding or nutting spot welding, we can do it under one roof.
  • If you need laser etching and special finishes, we will manage the finishing process for you, taking advantage of our partnerships with local shot blasting and anodizing firms.

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