Precision Machining 

Do you require a supplier capable of matching your machining requirements, on time, every time?
Thanks to our continued investment in the very best 3 and 5-Axis CNC machinery together with a team of highly skilled machinists we are perfectly placed to ensure we can.

We have the ability to machine anything from the smallest, intricate component up to castings weighing anything up to 16 Tons

Regardless of whether we have designed the part to be machined or you simply require us to machine a part to an existing model.
Our capability through programming and tool selection will enable us to produce the required part as fast, accurately, and as perfectly as possible.

No data available, only the original part?
We have onsite laser scanning and reverse engineering software giving us the ability to laser scan an existing part meaning we can reproduce any item required regardless of its condition.

Large CNC Machining capabilities:

  • Hurco DCX 42i (4.2 metre x 3.6metre) with optional side head.
  • 5 Axis VMX 42SRTi with rotary tilting head (simultaneous 5 Axis) enabling machining of more complex parts within one single setup
  • Hurco VMX60SRTi (5 Axis)
  • Hurco VMX64T
  • Hurco VMX60

Further CNC Machining capabilities:

  • Hurco VM30
  • Hurco VMX24Mi
  • Hurco VMX30Di (3 Axis) 2 Machines
  • Hurco VM20Di (3 Axis)
  • Hurco TM12i  (Turning Centre)

What makes for the perfect machined finish every time?

Modern high speed machinery with the ability to simultaneously 5 axis machine will always aid in producing the perfect finish but having the correct machine is only part of the story.

We make use the very best in cutter technology together together with proven industry leading cam software to enable us to produce cutter paths enabling the best finishes possible.

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