Do you need a Presswork supplier with unique facilities and capabilities?

Whatever your requirement, we are well matched to support you:

  • Our 2500 Ton mechanical press has 2 motors, a production motor for 10-20 strokes per minute during production and a micro drive motor that allows one stroke per minute.
  • This, combined with the press work expertise of our skilled engineers, gives us the flexibility to adapt to the most suitable stroke during the draw process.
  • When pressing components for large scale automotive projects for example, we can utilise our 2500-ton capability in a similar style to a slow hydraulic process. Possessing a 2,500-ton hydraulic capability within the UK is unique.
  • Whilst making progression tools or crop tools with follow on transfer, we run trials with our Coil feed unit that will handle up to width of 1520mm and up to 6mm thickness
  • Not having to rely on strip feed enables us to prove progression tooling out correctly, timing feed with cycle time

How we can support your business:

We work in partnership with a variety of customers that require progression tooling that can be proven out by their supplier, thus limiting down time for the customer.

One such customer had a Pressing process including a set of transfer tools.

2 presses worked in tandem, with transfer tooling going through four pressing operations; 2 inter press idle operations and then into another 4 pressing operations.

Tooling 2000 were able to commission all of that in one day, representing a record that has never been surpassed within the 15-year period since.

We achieved this record because we have the capability to simulate and prove in house, putting everything into our press in one go, rather than single modules, therefore reducing downtime for customers and reducing risk.

We are also able to trial tools in their original state; making sure that we get the same results as the press to start with, before modifying and making the new panels and then comparing back against the original.

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