Precision Tooling

Are you looking for a supplier that offers a complete in-house service for Precision Tooling?
Find out how you can benefit from our purpose-built facility, large-scale handling capabilities and vastly experienced Press Toolmakers.

Utilising our 20-ton crane with turnover capability and the large footprint of our Toolroom, we can handle up to 45 ton tools safely and efficiently.

Time served, vastly experienced Precision Tooling Engineers will deliver on your requirement for accuracy.

If you require design for hard cut manufacture (removing the need for manual alignment of 4 metre die sets for example), we will work with you to ensure that your exacting requirements are met. The use of large, accurate machines means that we can hard cut top and bottom in situ on the die set – before closing it up to ensure it all fits.

Precision Tooling capabilities available to you:

  • Manufacture of Single operation, tandem and transfer tools
  • Blanking, Forming, Trimming and Progression Tools
  • Pattern and casting construction up to 16 tons
  • Fabricated and fabricated egg box construction
  • Repair of damaged tooling through reverse engineering using our in house scanning facility

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