Prototyping and Reverse engineering

The parts you need created from plans or from scratch.


Many of our clients come to us with plans for the components they need, whether in the form of an engineering drawing or a preliminary sketch. This is where prototyping comes in; we have the facilities to create a prototype from scratch, drawing up plans where needed, creating a 3D model enables the component to be examined from any angle and make any changes needed before manufacturing begins.

Once the plan has been approved by the client we can set about manufacturing a prototype, making use of facilities which include CNC machining, metal pressing and forming, five axis laser cutting and bespoke finishing. The fact that we provide an in-house prototyping end to end service means that we can guarantee continuity of quality throughout. Our experienced and highly qualified prototyping team will be the only people working on each prototype, giving it the Tooling 2000 guarantee of quality, precision and durability.

Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering is the process used to create replica or replacement parts and components when the client comes to us without any plans, but with an example of the part in question. It could be that the part is no longer produced, or that the cost of replacement is prohibitive. In many cases we’re able to repair parts like this, but if the part is beyond repair, or the client requires multiple copies, we offer advanced reverse engineering services.

We can do this because we have a team of expert engineers and technicians and the advanced equipment needed to measure the surface form of a part in detail, including any components which go to make up the finished part. We can scan the part and use data to create a detailed Cad model which provides a 3D plan of the finished part, enabling our team and the client to inspect it from every angle, noting the dimensions, specifications and geometries and making any changes that are needed.


Once the part has been scanned in this manner and the plans created they can be saved for future use, saving time and money if the client needs more units manufacturing in the future. The end to end nature of our service means that everything stays in house, ensuring consistency and high quality as the 3D plan is used to create the replacement part.

Our facilities include state of the art CNC machining, pressing and forming, drilling, boring, 5 axis laser cutting, wire erosion and bespoke finishing treatments.  By combining all of this with the expertise of our highly experienced team we’re able to reverse engineer the widest possible range of parts and components.  From seals and drill forgings to machine tools we can reverse engineer the solutions you need.

The end-to-end solution

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