CNC Machining

CNC machining is not only an integrated part of our manufacturing process but is also offered as a sub contract service. We have several machines offering high speed, high quality, reliable and repeatable machining able to deal with a single prototype part through to volume production. Communication between our designers, programmers and the skilled machinists operating the machines is possibly one of the most important elements, we utilize the very latest in CAD/CAM software to ensures that the final product is exactly to your requirements.

While every CNC product is unique, the process generally follows a set pattern which includes the following stages:

The design of a CAD modelcomputer aided design (CAD) enables the creation of a 3D plan which offers sufficient detail for every aspect – such as dimensions, specifications and geometries – to be inspected from every angle and refined until the finished CAD model is a perfect representation of the intended item.

Conversion to a CNC programme – the CAD design is put through computer aided manufacturing software (CAM), which extracts all of the relevant information and converts it to the digital programming code used to control the tooling head of the CNC machine.

CNC machine preparation – the stock piece being used is fixed directly to the machine and the tools required are attached. These could be drill bits, end mills or turning tools such as lathes.

Once the CNC machine has been set up correctly the programme can be run, and the item in question will be produced to the exact specifications required, as many times as is necessary. The kinds of operation which can be carried out by CNC machining include:

Our CNC Machining Capabilities

Our CNC Machining Capabilities include the following:

Hurco VMX64t
Working envelope 1625 x 864 x 750 tall

Hurco VMX60
Working envelope 1670 x 660 x 600 tall

Hurco VM30
Working envelope 1260 x 500x 500 tall

All of our CNC machines are fitted with Renishaw laser tool probing enabling fast, precise tool setting.

Hurco CNC Machines having high spindle speeds and cutting feeds which enable us to work with a wide variety of hardened steels.

All of our CNC machines have functionality which enables them to be conversationally programmed on and off line at the machine. They can also be programmed remotely using other modelling and machining packages that we have available in house. When no CAD data is available, we offer reverse engineering solutions using scanned data, enabling clients to have the components they need machined to specific requirements no matter what the circumstances

Our large CNC Machining Capabilities

  • 2 x Wadkin 3-axis CNC with side head machining capability
  • Working envelope of 3500 x 2500 x 1100

Both Wadkin machines use a Fagor control that can be conversationally programmed at the machine. We also programme remotely using other modelling and machining packages available in house.