Three Industries That Benefit from Laser Cutting

Tooling 2000 | 28th July 2020


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Laser cutting has a wide range of advantages that provide useful benefits to a wide range of different industries. In this blog, we will be looking at three industries and how laser cutting continues to benefit them.

Laser Cutting in the Medical Sector

When it comes to the medical industry, laser cutting has helped to make a massive difference in making the manufacture of medical instrumentation and highly sensitive medical devices more efficient and cost-effective.

One of the biggest advantages of laser cutting, in general, is its precision; this is especially vital in the medical industry as lives depended on the quality of these small medical devices, so there is no room for error. Thanks to its precision, laser cutting allows medical engineers and designers to come up with creative concepts that were once unattainable due to the wide tolerances of tools used.

Laser Cutting in the Electronics Industry

Over the last twenty years, we’ve seen electronics go from being huge, room-sized computers to small handheld devices that can fit into our pockets. This has led to the parts within these electronic devices reducing in size massively; meaning that these parts need to be created with extreme precision.

Laser cutting provides the electronics industry with a cost-effective solution that has the ability to cut small, intricate parts to the most demanding tolerances. By using the laser cutting process to cut these small components, you are reducing the risk of heat damage to the electronic part. This is because the laser cutting process is a non-contact process which benefits from a small heat affect zone.

With laser cutting providing a more precise cut than most other methods. Engineers and designers have the ability to produce electronic components at a much faster rate while reducing the cost. The reason for this is similar to that of the medical industry; every year, the demands for smaller products increases and with that, the components within these products need to be even smaller, meaning that the conventional processes that have been traditionally used for cutting simply can’t be used anymore. This is where laser cutting comes in. Laser cutting machines provide a more precise cut in comparison to the traditional methods meaning that electronic components can be manufactured into the smallest possible dimensions.

Laser Cutting in The Transport Industry


Another industry that benefits from the use of laser cutting is the transport industry. From stainless steel parts and panels made from zinc-coated mild steel to tool components that are used within agriculture, aerospace, marine and heavy engineering transport; laser cutting provides this sector with a cost-effective solution that delivers high-quality products.

Just like many industries, the transport industry needs small, intricate parts that demand utter precision. Thanks to laser cutting’s ability to cut parts with great precision and accuracy, engineers have the ability to not only cut costs but to develop new, potentially ground-breaking products that could reinvent the transport industry, changing it for the better. For example, some of these products could be things like the hyperloop, foldable cars, local motion and much more.

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Thanks to our long history in the laser cutting industry, Tooling 2000 has been able to develop a skill set that can be easily adapted to suit any industry as well as any task you require. For more information on how Tooling 2000 can help you, feel free to get in touch and speak to a member of the Tooling 2000 team today on 0121 242 2000 or send us an email on We look forward to hearing from you.

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