Design & Feasibility

Making use of the very best industry standard software together with the most experienced engineers help make your project a success during every stage.

Understanding that the key to the success of any manufacturing project is communication and the ability to take an initial idea and transforming it into the finished product as efficiently and effectively as possible.

We work in close collaboration with every customer to ensure this happens, using the very best software available together with our years of first-hand experience to create an agreed process which will act as the foundation for the completed product.

The CAD technology we use means that the design created can be translated into a format supported by one of the major software suppliers, allowing customers to review on their own systems, saving time and money.

What we have to offer:

  • Autoform feasibility and process verification
  • Pressed and machined component design
  • Low volume & prototype tooling design
  • High volume press tool design
  • Laser scanning & Reverse engineering

What can die simulation do for you?

Developing a new part can be a challenging time for any engineer.

With the typical part becoming ever more complex and the choice of materials becoming ever more diverse the ability to predict exactly how the material will react has never been so important.

Having recently witnessed the results of a draw die manufactured without using simulation software our investment was soon proven to be worthwhile.

Within a few hours we were able to replicate all the split conditions the existing tool was producing and provide path to a solution.

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