Computer Aided Design

Tooling 2000 Computer aided design

Computer Aided Design (CAD) involves the use of highly specialised software to create detailed and complex engineering designs enabling moveable 3D renditions of multi-faceted solutions. The advantages of using Computer Aided Design's are numerous:

  • The design created can be viewed from any angle desired and even examined from the inside out.
  • Rather than a flat drawing, a CAD design is a 3D representation which enables problems and faults to be spotted earlier than the prototype or modelling stage.
  • The design can be edited or modified much more quickly than is the case when working with manual design systems.
  • The results can be viewed as either a 2D or 3D image, depending upon which is the more suitable.
  • The use of Computer Aided Design enables exact simulation to take place, greatly reducing the time spent creating and testing models or prototypes.
  • Computer Aided Design is the standard design mode across a huge range of industries, including manufacturing, electronics and aeronautical.
  • Once a photorealistic 3D design has been created using CAD it can be rotated though 360 degrees along the X,Y and Z axes, and can be viewed in isometric or perspective mode.

CAD designs can be created as surface models, which are highly realistic visual representations, or solid models, which also boast density and volume, and are highly effective in terms of analysing engineering components at the prototype stage.

Computer Aided Design at Tooling 2000

Our state of the art CAD design and draughting office houses multiple versions of the latest solid and surface modelling software allowing us to design, reverse engineer and machine within the same streamlined, consistent package.

We understand that the key to the success of any tooling project is the process of taking the raw material and transforming it to the required solution as efficiently, simply and effectively as possible. We work in close collaboration with every customer in order to ensure that this happens, using modern CAD software and our years of first-hand experience to create an agreed design which acts as the foundation for the required solution. The CAD technology we use means that the design created can be translated into a format supported by one of the major software suppliers, allowing customers to review on their own systems, saving time and money.

Once the design has been completed, it is broken down into a complete set of drawings and manufacturing programs allowing us to manufacture the tool. Our CNC machining capability means that we can work in-house directly from the original solid modelling design.

The end-to-end solution

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